Life Between Lives Therapy

You’ve probably heard about reincarnation. Or perhaps you’ve wondered who you might have been in past lives or what your true purpose in life is? Beyond hypnotherapy as a traditional healing modality, it can actually open you up to your multidimensional nature and help you expand your consciousness to whole new levels of deeper understanding, wisdom and deep healing on multiple levels…

During these uncertain and chaotic times of spiritual and planetary ascension, many of us have started pondering and asking ourselves why things keep happening to us, what we’re here to do and who we REALLY are.

The truth is that like the universe, our soul is infinite. In this physical 3D reality we find ourselves, linear time as we know it is actually just an illusion. The reality is that the nature of time is more circular whereby the past, present and future from a higher perspective are actually happening concurrently in the “now”.

Everything is energy. By getting ourselves into a relaxed meditative state where our brainwaves are slowed right down, it’s possible to move beyond the busyness and distractions of the mind in its waking state and gain access to higher states of consciousness. Here we can travel inwards, “backwards” or “forwards” to perceive other aspects of our multidimensional selves which can include other incarnations throughout history.

Connecting to our “higher self” and exploring the metaphysical realms can truly be an “out of this world” experience. Not only can you gain more self-awareness, but also more clarity around what your soul is dealing with on a spiritual level that is affecting your current life and what you can do to resolve any issues or heal whatever has happened in the past or in other lifetimes that is negatively affecting you in your current life or stopping you from getting what you really want.

What is Spiritual Hypnotherapy?
Spiritual hypnotherapy involves a specially-trained hypnotherapist facilitating sessions that guide their client into particularly deep levels of hypnotic trance. Once they reach a certain level known as “somnambulism” clients are then able to directly access to their higher self, the akashic records and other multi-dimensional realms without their conscious mind blocking or interfering. The spiritual part of yourself is always changing. Spiritual hypnotherapy helps free you from your ego and allows you to be your true self.

It gets to the foundation of what you are and the most important things to you.

Its purpose enables higher guidance, sets you on your true path, facilitates energy healing at a very deep level, and assists you in seeing and removing the unimportant.

You have to realize you’re an extraordinary being. However, right now, you are probably only aware of this to a tiny degree. Most people sense there is far more than just the physical part of us – the most important part of our being is our soul, sometimes called the higher self, the spirit, or the higher consciousness.

All of us can connect with these mysterious higher levels or dimensions. These are sometimes called super-conscious, fifth dimensional, the higher self, etc.

The following healing modalities and therapies can be considered forms of spiritual hypnotherapy:

Past Life Regression
Life Between Lives®
Quantum Healing Hypnosis®
Soul Regression Therapy®
Higher Consciousness Healing®
How does Spiritual Hypnotherapy work?
When you allow yourself to go into a deep meditative or hypnotic state then you are in a position where you can receive information from and communicate with other aspects of yourself, higher levels of consciousness, the fifth dimension and beyond.

It may seem like what is happening is a figment of the imagination, however only from a lower perspective may this be the case. Most of what we perceive is filtered through the brain, which is our major sensory perception translator, to help us understand, comprehend and make sense of our experiences and what appears to be happening to us.

This work is both subtle and refined. However, with it, you can be the recipient of much guidance, knowledge, support, peace, and most importantly healing, sometimes with the assistance from extra-dimensional entities such as deceased loved ones, spirit guides, ascended masters and the angelic beings who love, support and want to help us on our path towards living our true purpose, fulfilling our mission and reaching our potential.

What happens during a session?
During spiritual hypnotherapy, you connect with what can be called Source Energy or the Higher-Self. This is your highest level.

Everyone has multi-dimensional aspects to their soul and at certain levels, from a “higher perspective” you are able to comprehend the present, the past, and the future. Eventually, we will all be connected to what can be called the Creator or All-That-Is. Through spiritual hypnotherapy sessions you are able to rise above the lower aspects of your conscious mind to communicate and interact with your higher levels and dimensions.

What is Past Life Regression?
Past Life Regression is frequently called Past Life Therapy because the ultimate aim should be not just to explore “past” aspects of yourself but identify and heal anything traumatic at the source that may be affecting your in your current life. Any investigation of past lives needs a connection Soul Regression Therapy to your present in order to unlock spiritual insights and resolve issues such as unexplainable fears, phobias, undesirable repeating patterns or negative emotions. By doing this, it’s possible to then overcome obstacles, negative beliefs and negative attitudes affecting your present reality.

It is important to remember that each of us is One in the Collective Mind. So when we clear away our own physical, mental, and emotional toxicity it also contributes to a purer, more positive and conscious world.

Frequently, issues we bear move with us through incarnations as we try to find a peaceful resolution. On the cosmic level, many of us have accumulated thousands of years of fear in the collective mind. This has resulted in every sort of negative emotion, such as hate, fear, guilt, hopelessness, despair, self-loathing, shame, and regret.

The same old stories are repeated again and again. There are different players in the same or different roles, as we toggle from villain to hero, from victim to bully, man to woman, one race to another, beloved to hated. These “stories” or themes will continue incarnation after incarnation until there is a new realization and a deeper comprehension of the nature of reality.

Past Life Regression sessions can help you see the blocked energy and the false perceptions that hold you back. With spiritual hypnotherapy, you are able to access past life memories, heal them at the root cause, let go and then move on in your spiritual evolution to a much healthier and more sustainable life.

These memories help to lay bare the obstacles, inhibitions and recurring patterns that stymie progress and energy in the current life. Through having several Spiritual Hypnotherapy sessions you can develop a profound understanding of the development of consciousness in all realms and today’s amazing times.

Clients of spiritual hypnotherapists normally want to do past life regression for many different reasons. Those who are attracted to some cultures or regions might wish to find where that attraction comes from.

There are others that want to find the karmic background for current relationships. Past life therapy can revive the love in broken marriages, explain sibling rivalry or increase understanding in any relationship. Other individuals gain more understanding, trust, and love for themselves.

There are some clients who swiftly regress to past lives with little help from the hypnotherapist, while others definitely need help.

As you delve into the deeper levels of development and evolution, spiritual hypnotherapy helps untangle humanity’s collective failure to understand reality. Having spiritual hypnotherapy allows you to move through the gross [physical], subtle [invisible] and causal [invisible] realms, from one part of consciousness to another. Thus allowing you ti gain a deeper, perspective on the human part of our evolution.

As we gain greater awareness of ourselves, as consciousness developing an awareness of its evolution, we can move into a new type of reality and an existence on a higher plane. We dwell in times, both extraordinary and without precedent. As you become a being oriented with their evolution, correct understanding is the key to revealing the new reality.

Another benefit is uncovering where such irrational fears as phobias come from. Doing so permits the subconscious, which does not consider what is past, present or future, to leave what has happened to the past and live in the present free of the trauma.

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